Introduction to the Welsh 3000s

The Welsh 3000s Challenge involves reaching the peaks of each of the fifteen mountains in Wales which are over 3000 feet high. Most attempt the Welsh 3000s in 24 hours, although more experienced walkers and fell runners may attempt the challenge within 12 hours. The record time stands at 4 hours 19 minutes.

The Welsh 3000s takes in 26 miles of mountain walking, and around 3000 metres of ascent - this compares to 1500 metres of ascent during the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge.

The Welsh 3000s is also known as the 14 peaks or 15 peaks, as Garnedd Uchaf is sometimes not included. Technically it's peak it over 3000 feet, although it appears as little more than a bump on the ridge between Foel Grach and Foel Fras.

Climber heading along the Crib Goch ridge

How to take part

You can take part in the Welsh 3000s either as a self-organised event, or by joining an organised event.

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